Challenges Which Entrepreneur Face During Launching of PropTech Company

No doubt that PropTech is innovative idea for real estate marketing. From promoters and investor to property management companies, PropTech has potential to benefit every stakeholder involve in buying & selling process.

But Challenges which entrepreneur face during launching of PropTech company are:

1. Balance between tech and emotional sentiments of consumer. Home buying and selling is emotional aspect for person and human touch is core component of it. So entrepreneurs need to provide high tech and high touch solution to balance the technology with emotional needs of client throughout workflow of transaction.

2. As we know real estate industry has started adopting technology however still at large it is still traditional and slow to adapt so every new PropTech product needs to justify via prof of concept which will eventually save time, money and increase margins for stakeholders.

3. Keeping CAC v/s LTV is tricky ratio specially for B2B PropTech Startups so we should participate with clients as partner instead of vendor and interact more with clients until we able to solve their pain point via continuous integration and development of technology.This way we improve CAC/LTV ratio in long run.

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